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To Those Who Made It Possible – THANK YOU!

We wish to thank all those who value history’s lessons and who, through their generous donations, skills and efforts, helped restore and preserve the cabin & smokehouse structures on this historic site. Together, we offer generations of Americans and visitors from abroad a view of our pioneer past and the historic events that took place at the Snelson-Brinker site. It is our hope that honoring the past provides a clearer vision for the future of Missouri and this nation.

Snelson Brinker House - Snelson Brinker House -The Team
Frank & Lori Snelson - Rolla, MO
Fred & Julie Snelson - Cody,WY
Katherine Baur - Simply Impressive Designs
Matthew S. McBride & Thomas E. Addis – LASHLY & BAER, P.C.
Dutin holmes
Snelson Brinker House - Snelson Brinker House -The Team

We offer a humble and sincere “Thank You!” to these Ozarks region landowners for their devotion to early Missouri history. They are helping the past come alive for future generations through their generous donation of one or more oak logs for the reconstruction of the Snelson Brinker cabin.

The Snelson Brinker Foundation remembers these log donors:
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